Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Let It Be Known...

That my husband is amazing! I just want all of cyberspace to know that I have been sick this weekend and my husband worked miracles in my home and with my kids. I would write it all but in my dazed state I know I missed a lot on Sunday but let me just fill you in on Aaron's Monday...

For breakfast he made waffles... then cleaned it up.
He did the laundry... 6-8 loads throughout the day--including all of our sheets.
He went to the hardware store and hung some speakers in our living room.
He made chicken nuggets and carrot sticks for lunch... then cleaned it up.
He read with the kids during rest time.
He helped my 12 year old with a bridge for a class.
He took the boys bowling and brought home Pizza... then cleaned it up!
Then he went upstairs and made all of the beds.
And after all the little guys were down for the night, he sat down and folded all of the laundry.

(I think I'll try to get it put away today!)

I am totally amazed at his ability to work. And to work with joy! He wasn't crabby to anyone all day. He stopped and helped or played as necessary. He was like "SUPER-MOM" Except not the Mom part.

So, I am here to say I am getting better and more in love with my loving husband than ever! God was incredibly gracious to put Aaron into my life!