Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Spirit World... it's real.  We can't see it, but then again we can't see "love" either, but it's real.  I am convinced that when we die our eyes are going to be opened in a way akin to the idea of a baby exiting the womb.  "Wow!  This is life... I thought I knew before, but now I really know." 

I imagine the spirit world looking down on us, knowing how little we know and yet how proud we are in our ignorance, thinking, "If they only understood...". 

A fly lives approximately 21 days--a seemingly insignificant amount of time compared to our average 29,200 (had to use the calculator!).  So, we have fly-swatters to rid ourselves of the pesky little things. 

Think about the length of our lives--approximately 80 years--to that of known history.  When taking the young earth view of the world (which says we've been around for about 6,000 years) our lives account for 0.01333 of that time.  We are less significant than the fly!!!

No wonder many people cry out, "There must be more to life than this."  Even living the life of a devoted Christ-follower, I'm thinking there must be more.  I'm married to a godly man with whom I grow deeper in love every year. I have kids seeking the Lord, academically and daily.  Those 6 children scan an age gap of 17 years which throws our hearts and minds in multiple directions hourly! And yet, I'm convinced there is more.

And that more, I believe, is that Spirit World.  As I already said, I can't see it, but I know it exists.  I met a woman once who told me to be careful of how I spoke about the Lord because someone might take me away in a white jacket.  I was telling her about how He communicates with me through His Word, His creation, His people.  She thought I was nuts! 

Clearly, to believe in something I cannot see, puts me in a questionable camp.  And yet, most of my dear friends are in that same camp.  And we live our lives trusting that our faith in the unseen world will one day usher us into the presence of a holy God based on His work to draw us, not our own work. 

So, what is this physical life for?  If we are going to leave this earth and enter the spiritual world when we die, what ever are we here for?  That's what I am searching out.  And I think the answer lies in entering the Spirit World while we are still in the physical, i.e. worship and prayer. 

I haven't been what you might call a "prayer warrior" these first 45 years.  You might have thought I was. After all, I've been living for Jesus since I was 17, I went to Bible college, and even married a pastor!  But, really, not so much.  But I want to be. 

I say that, but I don't really know what it means.  I have this crazy picture in my head (and this may get long, so if you feel like getting a cold drink of water or hot coffee, feel free to take a break and come back later!)... I tried to explain this to Aaron (the pastor husband), and he looked at me with a, "I'm glad that works for you but I'm not really sure what you're saying" look.  But imagine if every physical person in the world had an invisible container on their head (in the spirit world). 

The spirits could look at that container and by it's shape, or color, or marking, somehow know immediately if the person were a Christian or non-Christian.  (This is all being made up in my head, so don't imagine that I'm saying this is how it really works and get mad at me if I've broken some Biblical thingy somewhere!)  Okay, so that vessel on our head is like a vase and we all get to decide how we're going to fill it.  I'm only going to talk about my own vase and what I imagine it is like.

My vase has two options of flavors... ME or JESUS.  The first flavor is delicious!  I have filled my vase up with me for years and it seems awful yummy...until I've ingested too much.  You see, what I forgot to mention is that at the base of that container, there's a hole that goes directly into my head and therefore affects me spiritually, mentally, and physically.  And therein lies the problem, too much of me pleasing me is disgusting.  When I'm only seeking to make myself happy, healthy, and wise, I get sick of me pretty quick.  There is no rest of wanting for more of the flavor of "me."

Now the second flavor, Jesus, is one that I have yet to get sick of, but it seems much harder to keep full.  I know when it's full, I'm at peace--the Jesus flavor brings rest, joy, peace.  And remember that hole?  When my vase is full of Him, His love for the people around me oozes out (not so much with the first flavor!).  When I am continually full of Him, through prayer and worship, and the washing of my mind with the Word, then I am truly happy in this physical world--regardless of the circumstances. 

This is why my desire to learn more about, and immerse myself in the Spirit World through prayer and communion with the invisible Creator has grown lately.  I think the more we can know about that world, the more this world will line up in it's rightful order of importance.  Remember our 0.01333 contribution to the known physical world??  It must have some importance since it's Creator sent His one and only Son to die for it's inhabitants. I think that the more we tap into the eternal spiritual world (that that Son has made our entrance into possible), the more we'll discover what the "more to this life" is. (Sorry to end a sentence with a preposition!) 

There's more in this head of mine.  But I doubt anyone needs more of that right now... Blessings to you if you read this far!  Want to join me in my journey?  I'm not sure what that invitation means... just throwing it out there!  

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